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Screws & Bolts Sensory Toy

Screws & Bolts Sensory Toy


Introducing the Screws & Bolts Sensory Toy that children are absolutely in love with! These amazing sensory toy will leave your child entertained for hours
This is suitable for preschoolers and kids age 3+.

Here are 6 important things a child learns when developing fine motor skills:

1) It helps children perform crucial tasks like reaching, grasping, and moving objects.  We all want to have the ability to control and manipulate things and objects in our environment.  Without fine motor skills, we can't do the simple things like button or zip a jacket, turning pages in a book, or sign our names on important documents.

2) Through fine motor skill development, children learn to use tools like crayons, chalk, pencils, and scissors.  As adults, we wouldn't be able to cut our food, draw or paint a gorgeous picture (or the best we possibly could).

3) Hand-eye coordination improves as fine motor skills improve. Without hand-eye coordination, we wouldn't be able to sew, drive a car, wash our hair, drink from a cup (we couldn't drink our coffee!), put our shoes on, hit a baseball with a bat (okay, that task is still difficult for some), or simply reach for the object we want 

4) Fine motor skills help kids learn and develop handwriting and drawing skills.  An extremely important part of school work involves these two tasks.  Think of the tracing letter sheets used in pre-schools and kindergarten; they help hone in on those small muscles!  

5) Children become more independent and understand how their bodies work.  They can start bathing themselves, wiping their bottom when going to the bathroom and washing their hands well.  Brushing their own hair, teeth, and clothing themselves.  They also learn if they move X body part this way, they can cause Y to happen. They understand that picking up a pencil and holding it properly helps them have better strokes when writing a story or captioning their latest drawing.  They can manipulate the way a scissor cuts paper by turning their hand or wrist a certain way.

6) As children grow in their fine-motor skills, their self-esteem grows too.  They learn how to have an impact on the world around them.  Children can be selfish souls, but they are also very compassionate beings.  Building confidence and self-esteem can help them realize the influence they can have in society.  Which is a pretty awesome thing!

*Caution: This set includes very small parts, so please use discretion and careful supervision when offering it to small children. 

    Note: Due to extremely high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


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