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  • Portable & Lightweight: Pre-assembled package deploys in seconds.Expanded size: 70*53*62cm,the weight is 1.5kg. Great for camping,outdoor cooking.
  • Just load with food,no monitoring required.The solar oven retains your food's flavor and nutrition cooking from 360°
  • Fast and Reliable, Cooks a Meal in As Little As 10-20 minutes, Reaching Temperatures up to 550°F (290°C) in Full Sunlight.
  • Fuel free and zero pollution - No need for fuel or electricity. .It will replace your BBQ/grill,As long as there is sunshine, you can cook delicious food.
  • Preparation before use

    Please assemble solar cooker before use as follows:

    a. Place the packing box on a relatively flat floor and open it.

    b. Remove the product outriggers and screw them into the screw holes of the vacuum tube.

    c. Open the product reflector and install the reflector support rods.

    d. Put the food tray into the vacuum tube for the sunlight.

     Operation procedure

    a. Prepare the ingredients in advance according to the characteristics of the food to be cooked.

    b. Pull out the food tray and place food on it evenly so that the food is heated evenly.

    c. Take off the heat preservation cover and push the food tray into the vacuum tube.

    d. Adjust the solar cooker to face the sunlight. First, move the solar cooker until the shadows of theoutriggers on the same side coincide. Second, adjust the reflector panels' angle until the reflected sunshine shines upon the glass vacuum tube. To maximize using the sunlight,please

    e. adjust the solar cooker every 20 min

    f. After cooking, pull the handle gently and pull out the food tray.

    g.Take food out with chopsticks or tongs and enjoy it.

    Safety instructions

    a. When cooking, hands are not allowed to touch the stove or close to the steam vent.

    Please use chopsticks or food folder to take and put food away. Don't take it directly by hand.

    b. When cooking, be careful to move the cooking tray to avoid burning with high temperature gasor liquid.

    c. Under high temperature, no water is allowed to be poured into stainless steel inner liner or vacuum tube.

    d. When cooking, the following items shall not be put into the oven, such as batteries, paper, plastic, cloth, inflammable goods, etc..

    e. Cooking is strictly prohibited minors. Don't let the children operate the oven alone.

    f. Prohibit the use of closed containers to heat liquids (such as bags, bottles, canned food, etc.).

    The main points of use

    a. This product should be used in good weather; please use the product on a sunny place.

    b. Please remove the protective film off the reflector when you use it.

    c. The solar cooker should be cooled before returning to the packing box: after the cooking is finished, the reflector can be folded and the food tray should be drawn out of the vacuum tube to cool and clean.

    d. Disable ordinary plastic containers when cooking so as to avoid high temperature deformation or release of toxic substances.

    e. Proper use of necessary accessories to avoid damage caused by improper operation.

    f. No object shall be placed on the product. Do not block the reflector. When the reflector is fully opened, do not put the object on the reflector.

    g. Clean the food tray, vacuum tube and etc after cooling.Wrap the food tray's head with the disposable thin cloth,push it into the vacuum tube and move back and forth until the vacuum tube isclean.

    h. Need to repair or malfunction, please contact the company customer service staff.


    The product can be maintained in accordance with the following procedures in order to prolong the service life

    a. Transport process to avoid collision, to prevent damage to the product.

    b. Gently handle when placing.

    c. Avoid heavy impact.

    d. Don't hit the box with a hard object or hit the vacuum tube.

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