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Vacuum Sealer Bags

Vacuum Sealer Bags



Air is the enemy of food freshness so by extracting it with a vacuum sealer, you can keep the food you store in the fridge and the freezer tasting delicious and fresh and bursting with its original nutritional value.
This is an excellent way to prep ahead of time, enabling you to batch-cook delicious and healthy food for all the family. You can then seal and save, freeze and reheat whenever you are running short on time and need to grab something tasty and nutritious.
It’s also a great way of ensuring that none of that weekly shopping goes to waste by vacuum sealing any produce that might otherwise have gone off and ended up being discarded in the bin before you’d had a chance to eat it.
In fact, with the best vacuum sealers, you can keep your food fresher for longer. In some instances up to five times longer which over a year clocks up to quite a saving. 
  • Save more, waste less: Meat preserved in the freezer can last up to 3 years and still taste fresh, flavorful, and freezer-burn free. Prep-ahead meals, leftovers, and produce stored in the fridge will stay fresh up to weeks later instead of spoiling in days

  • More convenient to use: You can easily control where you seal. Plus, led light indicators easily guide you through the vacuum sealing process. Just press the vacuum and seal bar to remove the air that causes freezer burn and spoilage

  • Very consistent sealing: Equipped with heat sealing strips, it's to reach an optimal vacuum level and airtight seal. It is durable and high quality.

You can also make huge savings by buying food in bulk, processing it and storing some in the freezer for a long time. The sleek and stylish vacuum sealer is a laboratory tested automatic device for sucking air and moisture out of seal bag thereby limiting fungi and bacteria activity and keeping food safe for storage without losing any bit of its texture, taste, appearance and nutritional value.

Whether food is dry or moist, Tinton Automatic Vacuum Sealer seals them all by means of either of the dry-moist options available on the control panel. It also saves you valuable time by quickening meal preparation as the food components have been readied ahead of time by its unique technology. This is ideal for those who have little time to spare.

It's compact design makes it ideal to keep in places with limited space such as kitchen countertop. It is not affected by any accidental spill since the encasing material is stain resistant and also extends the shelf of all your cookies, fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. The cleaning and maintenance of this vacuum sealer is easy and fast to give you a product that is always safe from bacteria and will last for a very long time.

Key Features:
  • Control panel features dry-moist options for convenience
  • Stain-resistant casing making it easy to clean, simple to maintain
  • Quick and fast in operation
  • Compact design makes it fit in even limited spaces


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